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LabCollector News
NEW: LabCollector 5.17
Aditions, improvements and corrections. See Forum.
Updated: ELN 3.12 released
bug corrections...
NEW: Data Logger addon v3
New version with several improvements for full size screen monitoring and support for new sensor types (pressure, alarms).
Updated: Windows Installer v2.1
New version of our Windows Installer with Server Manager to correct some bugs in backup, start/stop service, etc.
Updated: LabCollector 4.973 released
Several improvements and corrections. See Forum.
Updated: Scheduler 2.2 released
New version with bug fix and NEW option for reservation billing.
LabCollector API soon!
The new WebService API is now real. It will be integrated in LabColector for FREE usage in LabCollector v5.0
NEW: LSM v2.1 released
The totally revamped lab service management addon has been released...
Updated: BLAST package
We have packed the latest BLAST executables to plug to Sequences module...
Updated: Events Calendar Add-on
Events calendar can automatically list all next EQ maintenances programmed (based on alerts).
TIP: Usage of Applets after Java 7
Since Java 7 update, non-signed applets are blocked. Blocked LabCollector applets can be used again by declaring LabCollector IP or URL in Java setup security tab (Windows Control Panel).
New: Samples2Box Addon released
FREE addon for scan and save. Easy bow creation for samples batch. See addons repository in Admin menu
NEW: Batch Tools improvement
AgileBio ScanServerv3.4 utility is now compatible with scanners from Micronic , BioMicroLab, FluidX and Thermo. Biotillion RFID is under active developement. You can now trigger scanner acquisition from LabCollector.
NEW: Samples2Box addon
This addon allows to sequentially populate plates or boxes from single vial tubes. Just read tube/vial barcode to automatically insert in a new plate/box map.
Corrected: Eventscal, Scheduler, Plants Manager
On LC v4.8 there was a problem of interface colors for these addons which is corrected now.
NEW: Storage-Accessories.com
Our new online catalog/store for all your storage equipment needs (printers, labels, vials, etc).
Updated: Photobank add-on
v2.1: Some adjustments and a tool to ZOOM images ...
NEW: Tasks Organizer addon
Manage Projects and Tasks/samples in an easy and direct way.
Updated: List loader add-on
Now allows box/tray barcode input to load samples list in a worklist ...
Tip: Internal Blasts
To perform internal blasts (new sequence over your sequences) you need to place the blast executables in your LabCollector /bin folder. Download them from our repository.
Join our Facebook page
We are on Facebook now. Link to our page and make this community page yours too!
NEW: PTS addon
Manage a protein production facility. Follow production workflows with notifications.
Improved: EPL (Zebra/Brady) label direct print
Use the new 1 click direct print to Zebra netowrk printers. no drivers, no complex page setups. Now with different label sizes.
Custom Fields categorization
With the new 4.2 release you can group custom fields in order to show them only on certain types of records.
Custom Modules: A powerful customization tool
LabCollector increases the customization possibilities with embedded custom module design. New modules are fully integrated into LabCollector.
TIP: Use custom fields to adapt all modules to your needs.
With custom fields, you can transform the existent modules to fully comply with your needs. Now you can even create file upload fields. You can also create new search filters.
v. 5.17 Licensed to Genius Lab [Check for updates...]