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LabCollector News
NEW: Event calendar add-on
Totally rebuilt event calendar addon, new design and easier to use. Connect to equipment alerts. Has an API to create events remotely.
New! Data logger add-on v3.95
Several improvements: mA conversion formula, alerts per sensor/equipment
Updated: Photobank add-on
v3.11: new video player, configurable path for the albums storage
New Electronic Lab Notebook v3.68
Our New ELN v3.68 is available. Click here to check out all our great new features! ELN can be used FREE (see our website for Terms and Conditions)! Share it with the world :)
TIp #4 - ALERTS!
In our blog this month we talk about setting up alerts for equipment, reagents and supplies. Why not check if you are up to date?
LabCollector is getting a makeover soon...
Take a sneak peek at our new design!
Write a review for LabCollector (G2Croud)
Write a review on G2Croud portal and tell the world you like us. We can offer barcode readers to the best ones.
Write a review for LabCollector (Capterra)
Tell the world you like LabCollector. Free barcode readers offered to the best!
New! LabCollector v5.31
This new release brings nice features like two level custom fields and multiple category fields, total custom Dymo label templates... Check out our new great features!
Season Greetings From LabCollector!
Read the greetings card from the whole LabCollector team!
Updated: SNP Add-on
The SNP manager add-on has been updated to support rack scanner without Java.
NEW: Workflow Manager v4.32
New node for storage manipulation. Improved features like validations, stage user access control, template validations and much more...
LabCollector Day 2017 in Paris
NEWS: We organize a LabCollector workshop in Paris on June 2017! Come talk about lab management and other scientifics topics. Free registration.
The new server manager is now on version 2.6
The new version allows selective stopping of web and database servers. The manual and links to knowledge base have been improved to make the usage and setup as easy as LabCollector.
New Mobile app: LabCollector stock manager
We created a new mobile app quickly managing your stock Manage the stock of your items and update the status in your LabCollector. Download it now.
Updated: Windows Installer v2.6
Brings Manager 2.6 now with an easy Mysql repair tool. Also brings PHP5.6
NEW: Scheduler v2.701
Added: new calendar, new timeline with month span. Corrected bugs on drag multiple days...
What?s new in your LabCollector Electronic Lab Notebook?
We have added functionality for Project codes, enhanced record linking, including diagrams, spreadsheets templates. Check out the new improvements.
Update your LabCollector add-ons
What?s new in your LabCollector add-ons? We are releasing the new versions for our Scheduler, Lab Service Manager and WorkFlow! Check out the new features!
End of the 2016: Think to upgrade your LabCollector!
End of the 2016 is arriving soon. Why not use your remaining budget to boost your lab (upgrade,support, groups, user extensions, add-ons...)
Our online catalog/store for all your storage equipment needs (printers, labels, vials, etc).
#2 Tips to boost your LabCollector
Keep boosting your LabCollector Here are some interesting tips we have for you today: New types of custom fields Derived samples option action button Choose your default fields and enable new functions as Multi owners!
New plugin for Electronic Lab Notebook
Get the most beautiful infographics of Mind the Graph in your LabCollector ELN to deliver powerful diagrams of your experiments
Automate file processing with Parser
Big news : You can now automate your file processing with Parser add-on The Parser Add-on is a tool that provides file parsing anywhere using shared folders (local our cloud) and automatically import selected values into LabCollector.
New FREE LabCollector add-on: Simple Test Lab
This new add-on has been created for small labs that need help to deal with basic tests with efficiency AND simplicity. Download now!
Some tips to speed-up your LabCollector
How to get the best from your LabCollector! Here you will find LabCollector tips for improvements, useful tools, blog articles on different topics of lab management (traceability, discussions on lab certifications, client cases and much more).
Free Mode and custom modules
Exciting new features: Convert your unused modules into custom modules! Free Mode now gives 3 users and 1000 records.
NEW: Android App ELNDocSend
Easy and simple app to scan paper notes and send to your ELN
Updated: Use the free API
Extend the capabilities of LC and connect it to external apps/instruments...
Updated: Tube Sorter
Generate 384 plate maps from 4x 96 plates.
LabCollector API!
The new WebService API is now real. It is integrated in LabColector for FREE usage in LabCollector v5.x
TIP: Usage of Applets after Java 7
Since Java 7 update, non-signed applets are blocked. Blocked LabCollector applets can be used again by declaring LabCollector IP or URL in Java setup security tab (Windows Control Panel).
Remember: Batch Tools direct scan
AgileBio ScanServerv3.8 utility is compatible with scanners from Micronic , BioMicroLab, FluidX, Thermo, Ziath, Biotillion RFID. You can trigger scanner acquisition from LabCollector.
Updated: List loader add-on
Now allows box/tray barcode input to load samples list in a worklist ...
Join our Facebook page
We are on Facebook now. Link to our page and make this community page yours too!
Custom Modules: A powerful customization tool
LabCollector increases the customization possibilities with embedded custom module design. New modules are fully integrated into LabCollector.
TIP: Use custom fields to adapt all modules to your needs.
With custom fields, you can transform the existent modules to fully comply with your needs. Now you can even create file upload fields. You can also create new search filters.
v. 5.31 Licensed to Genius Lab [Check for updates...]