The easiest way to store, organize, find and share your work


Turn your LabCollector platform with the ELN add-on into an efficient yet simple notebook to store and manage all your lab experiments. It is a great support/complement to the lab paper notebooks as it benefits from a collaborative environment powered by the lab IT network. From simple experiment documentation to routine complex records involving workflows and page templates, your lab can find or define its specific needs through extensive customization (custom fields, specific page templates, worflow design, mixed solutions…).

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Extensive customization

From unstructured experiment (biology, chemistry, pharmacy, …) documentation to routine complex record: find and define your specific needs through extensive customization.

  • Custom fields (text, checkbox, select list, mandatory …)
  • Workflow design
  • Page templates
  • Spreadsheet templates
  • Language choices
  • Tree navigation and search options parameters

Secure and compliant environment

LabCollector ELN offers secure login system, secure permissions system for users and automatically data backups.

  • Manage user’s access
  • Secure login
  • Secure sharing and permissions
  • Validation system
  • Audit trail
  • Log activity
  • Data backup

Fully integrated with LabCollector LIMS

The Electronic Lab Notebook is an add-on for LabCollector LIMS.

Economical and Affordable

  • Unlimited books, experiments and pages
  • Unlimited users
  • Perpetual license

Organized and Collaborative

With LabCollector ELN, you can structure and share your data with your collaborators team at any time from any location due to the ELN’s flexible sharing system.

  • Simplified use
  • Rich text editor
  • Search engine
  • Tree view
  • Task list/Gantt
  • Collaborative environment
  • Multiple images and files uploads at once
  • Link LabCollector data to the ELN
  • Archive function and experiment transfer
  • Task time reporting
  • Diagram designer tool: design both simple and complex chemical reactions, experimental scheme …
  • Export to structured PDF (with barcoded pages, summary…)

Electronic signatures

Double electronic signature system based on CFR 21 Part 11 and patents requirements.


LabCollector’s ELN includes an easy to use electronic signature validation system that allows data integrity check (based on CFR 21 Part 11 and patents requirements). Notebook pages can be signed by both the authors and admin users. E-signatures give proof of content validity at signature date.


Don’t choose between paper or ELN. Keep your habits using your paper book and easily transfer the contents into the ELN. Use it to convert instantly your handwritten notes in editable text or simply keep an image of your pages. Then, insert them into the ELN directly.



Write normally on your paper book


Attach files, images and mix with other typed contents

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