Administrative Tasks and Security

User permissions & groups

5 user levels can be configurated to allow efficient and secure data manipulation: Super-Administrator

  • Administrator
  • Staff and Staff+
  • User
  • Visitor

  manage_usersData entries made by USER’s level remain in a waiting status until an administrator validates it. Passwords are kept encrypted. Visitors can only browse data and have no administration access. Groups of users can also be defined with specific access rules on modules for even more security. Different privacy modes can be defined to isolate users. For traceability purposes a history log is provided and accessed by super-administrator. Audit trail is important for certified/regulated labs. For this a data versioning option is also proposed (to track changes in samples’ information). LabCollector protects against data loss with records deletion locks. Record versioning is also available for a full traceability of data evolutions.

LDAP and AD:

LDAP and Active Directory login validation is now supported.

Data backups :

database_backupA simple backup method is provided to secure data on any external media. Importing and database backup are only available to administrators or the super-administrator. Staff and user members can only import under their own name. With the Windows manager an automatic and scheduled full backup system is available.