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Sébastien Plançon Research engineer at University of Luxembourg


I work for Calcium Signalling and Inflammation Laboratory (CaSaIL) – Life Sciences Research Unit (LSRU)

I like to use Labcollector because it is centralizing all the information needed for all colleagues anytime anywhere.
The simplicity of editing information, adding extra field of interest and making links between modules are also extremely useful.

I could not work effectively anymore without Labcollector.

Davide De Lucrezia PhD at Explora Srl. Italia

LabCollector is well designed, customizable and reliable!

Halima Darrazi Administrative at LCSB, Université du Luxembourg


I like that LabCollector is a very useful and complete database system and it allows me to track all my orders. We can keep track of all of our documents and administrative information. It is a big and useful database.

Since my arrival at LCSB we have used the LabCollector LIMS. The more features we use, the more I find its functions and tools useful.

The LabCollector team is also always listening to our suggestions. They do all that is possible to exceed our expectations.

I am therefore very satisfied and I would definitely recommend LabCollector LIMS to other users.


Laurent Boulanger Engineer at INRA. France

BoulangerI have used LabCollector since 2010 for samples like DNA, RNA, tissues, primers, bacteria, cells, embryos and enzymes.  I have followed all the nice evolutions of this database. I just have one piece of advice to give:

Don’t just think about where  to store your samples, but also where to find them in the future.

If you use the database and the electronic lab notebook (ELN), you will have a very effective tool to follow your experiments,  the samples generated and where they are stored.
I really appreciate the customer service at LabCollector because they always respond to my specific requests and try to find solutions to my problems. LabCollector is a database adapted to its clients.