# v1.0 - 2012- First release# v1.5-2.02013/10/03	
	- improved alert system		
		creation of a setup to manage alerts configuration		
		each type of alert (email and sms) has a dedicated setup		
		creation of scheduler system		
		introduction of a secondary contact		
		improved alert reminder's system	
	- lclogger_monitor.php now sends an alert at each execution instead of one per hour	
	- bug fix: logger connection test now takes into account delete loggers and deactivated logger
# v3.0 2014/08/11:	
	- home, equipment view and probe view now saves and maintains user filter's
	- home, equipment view and probe view can now show more than one probe type (radio to checkbox)	
	- full screen capability (configurable and with an option for multiple monitors)	
	- user personalized view, users can only see the probes they desire	
	- possibility of changing the default text (On/Off) of the alarm probes	
	- possibility of reseting max and min values of a probe		
# v3.12 014/12/06:	
	- new button to test alerts (Email and SMS)
	- archive orange/grey probes from home
	- grey probes no longer have empty tooltip chart
	- bug fix: autoload ow humidity values were incorrect
	- bug fix: correction of auto refresh in home page and full screen

# v3.52 015/11/02:	
	- new Setup
	- Monitor creates new tables "probesdata" every year 
# v3.6 2016/01/12:
	- BUG: corrected - in full screen, no change of probe values
	- ADDED: full screen alert bar
	- ADDED: values from probe with ONE decimal only even if it's a 0
	- ADDED: Improve secondary contact list management
	- ADDED: Equipment SELECT on alphabetical order
	- ADDED: GIOP Tester Unique Numbers

# v3.65 2016/06/17:
	- BUG: probe's data search for the same day (beginning and ending in the same day) were empty
	- BUG: probe's data search to far back returned error (table from years before didn't exist)

# v3.66 2016/10/20:
	- ADDED: GOIP contact numbers must start with +
	- BUG: When adding a new logger the form was losing data
	- ADDED: monitoring relay probes without flag delay

	- BUG: export probe data when no search date parameters are given
	- BUG: print of the probe chart is now working
	- ADDED: if the probe has no data (empty chart) then the live feed, export and print stay inactive

# v3.7 2016/12/14:
	- ADDED: possiblity to filter loggers by LabCollector groups
	- ADDED: setup is accessible only for super adm, adm with no groups and master adm (adm that are master of their groups - this adm can only see/create/edit loggers of the group(s) he manages or general loggers)
# v3.8 2016/01/20:
	- ADDED: lclogger now automatic installs CRON files in the UserFiles (if newer versions of the files are detected in lclogger folder the install is triggered again)
	- ADDED: a manual option is also available to the user in the setup area

# 2017/01/31:
	- BUG: barometric pressure now displays charts correctly (the comma on the thousands unit was breaking the chart data)

# 2017/02/20 - 2017/03/08:
	- CHANGED: new system to send alert SMS's
	- BUG: history view is now updated
	- ADDED: system to correct each probe offset
	- ADDED: possibility to add equipments from EQ module and not only storage equipment
	- ADDED: possibility to add a custom timezone
# v3.9 2017/04/13:
	- ADDED: monitor now has alerts for loggers (not probes) that go offline (EMAIL and SMS, with reminders and backup contact for SMS)
	- ADDED: new plugin OSLogger
# 2017/05/28:
	- BUG: probe export was repeating data

# 2017/05/31:
	- CHANGED: archive option is now on the left side instead of in place of the live feed
	- CHANGED: confirm fancybox to archive probe
	- BUG: if probe value is 0 now updates correctly

# 2017/06/10:
	- CHANGED: script to send SMS tests (GOIP) was updated
# 2017/11/10:
	- NEW: PDF export versions
	- NEW: print now has the option to include probe history
# v3.91 2017/11/16-25:
	- BUG: the script to test emails is now updated to the recent PHPMailer
	- NEW: to determine if a probe switchs to orange now the user can provide the logger readings frequency to a more accurate interval calculation (3 * readings frequency)
	- CHANGED: search calendars in probe detail view only allow to search starting in first day the probe starting recording
	- CHANGED: grey probes now display a chart with the last data points recorded instead of an empty chart
	- CHANGED: all autoloads (except GSMS) and monitor now fully function with the selected timezone (if exists)
	- CHANGED: all charts and data points searchs now fully function with the selected timezone (if exists)
	- BUG: in the probe details view when a search for dates was done the probe info (on the right) was incorrect
	- NEW: probes with the type generic mV and generic mA can change the probes units
# v3.92 2017/11/26-27:
	- NEW: DateTime class fully integrated
	- NEW: stopped probes (history view) now have the same functionalities (except live feed) than active probes like print and export
	- NEW: alerts history now shows the timestamp that an alert was resolved or the timestamp the alert was confirmed as received by the user (if not yet resolved)
	- NEW: alerts history now displays an link the the proble chart in order to view the alert time frame

# 2017/12/12:
	- BUG: export format EXCEL had an incorrect text encoding for the units text
# 2018/01/26:
	- BUG: monitor and GOIP test now use the password in the database instead of the agilebio default password "agilebio" being hardcoded in the GOIP command codes
# 2018/02/15:
	- BUG: only probes that are still active can be in the favorites view probe selection value (saved value is now clean from old probes)

# v3.93 2018/02/16:	
	- BUG: table index's on upgrade 
# v3.94 2018/03/22:	
	- NEW: mA probes can now have a specific formula (saved on the setup)
	- CHANGED: PDF export is limited to 5 days interval to prevent memory exhaustion error
# v3.95 2018/03/30:
	- NEW: alerts can now be specified by Equipment or Probe

# 2018/04/24:
	- BUG: when the probe search include past years tables the searched end date was ignored and the search was made until the current day
# 2018/05/30:
	- CHANGED: when configuring a specific equipment for an user in alerts (emails and sms) now only the equipments with probes will appear in the select (M1824)

# 2018/06/04:
	- BUG: don't allow access to live feed popup if LC isn't logged in (M2111)
	- BUG home, equipment view and probe view weren't applying correctly the timezone

# 2018/08/06:	
	- BUG: monitor nows checks EQ module as well as storage equipment when retrieving the current equipment of an alert probe (M2445)

# 2018/09/17:	
	- CHANGED: now it's not necessary to be a master admin to enter lclogger setup for that group(s) loggers being admin in the group is enough

# v3.96 2018/10/16:
	- CHANGED: SMS alerts now include the probe name
	- CHANGED: units Pa and kPa added to the octal probe series
# 2018/10/24:
	- BUG: OW autoload was assign equipment incorrectly for light sensor's type

# 2019/02/04:
	- BUG: incorrect location showed in alert history both email and SMS
# v4.00 2019/04/04:
	- CHANGED: new table system
	- CHANGED: design changes
	- NEW: possibility to personalize home page's readings blocks lower half (max/max or last reading date or nothing)
# 2019/06/06:
	- CHANGED: the chart reload when searching a date interval didn't correctly update the icons URLs

# v4.00 2019/07/03

# 2019/07/10:
– BUG: monitor was calculating tolerance margins with ints when it should have been floats
– CHANGED: improved page to confirm notifications/alerts acknowledgement
– CHANGED: text changes on notifications/alerts history
– CHANGED: pure white in charts background
# v4.01 2019/07/10

# 2019/07/22:
– BUG: system to update alerts confirmation link used by monitor
# 2019/08/02:
– CHANGED: home page design improvements
# v4.02 2019/08/02

# 2019/10/04:
– BUG: SMS alert message broken due to encoding
# v4.021 2019/10/04

# 2019/10/08:
– BUG: incorrect tolerance margin calculation with float tolerance values
# v4.022 2019/10/08

# 2019/12/12:
– CHANGED: notification of alert resolved is only sent if an alert is actually sent instead of just recorded


# 2020/01/15:
– BUG: incorrect union of tables between current probe readings table and probe readings table of previous years