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How do I install Add-on modules?

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You need to have LabCollector v3.912 or later running.  Note that some add-ons require a minimum version of LabCollector for full functionality.  

As with all updates, it is strongly recommended to create a backup prior to installing an add-on.  

Download the Add-on package online.

Option 1
Unpack them into /extra_modules folder of your LabCollector (for e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\AgileBio\LabCollector\www\lab\extra_modules).   Next, enter into LabCollector and you’ll notice that the new module will be active. On the first access to the Add-on, you will be prompted to finish installation automatically.

Option 2
Login as the super-administrator, go to ADMIN > Other > Setup then Upload/Add add-ons.
Upload the zip file and go into the add-on from home page to finish the installation.