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How do I manage animal crossings?

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Two ways are possible to generate animal crossings in Animals module of LabCollector.

 Prerequisite: at least two animal records are existing in Animals module.

  • With the Add new crossing button

Click on this button on the top right of animals module

A new window opens showing the crossing list. To create a new crossing, click on Add Crossing, then choose in the list:

  1. a male
  2. a female
  3. a crossing date

To validate your crossing, use the Add button.

The new crossing is now in the list. You can delete it until it is not used in a record.

Automatically, this crossing is visible in both animal records (below, the male record) in the display crossings tab . You can also have access to the genogram using the link Open Genealogy Tree which opens a new window with the graphical representation.

When you need to create the n+1 generation, choose the parents in the predefined list.

  • In Display crossing tab, with the New Entry link

Three fields appear and are the same than previously, except that the animal record is automatically filled (Below, the male G-89657). You just have to choose your second animal and the crossing date (format yyyy-mm-dd). To validate, use the button ADD.

Again, you have access to the genogram. Here you can see n and n+1 generation.

From the record, animal crossing can be deleted thanks to the red cross unless n+1 generation already exists.