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How to make graph in Flat Spreadsheet?

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Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN), provides you with a rich text editor that allows you to use a page with many functions, like the photo, plate, chemistry editor, creating LabCollector links to reagents and supplies, copy-pasting from Word document directly, and many more. It also provides you with various spreadsheets for creating graphs. ELN provides you with 2 graphs: Flat spreadsheet (simple) and Zoho spreadsheet (more like excel).

Follow the steps below to start with the Flat spreadsheet:-

1. Guide and formulas to use

2. Creating Graphs

1. Guide and formulas to use

  • Flat spreadsheet allows to use Shortcuts guide that help you navigate through the flat spreadsheet.
  • To open it go to HOME -> BOOK -> EXPERIMENT -> PAGE -> FLAT SPREADSHEET -> EDIT 
  • Inside the spread sheet you can add the values and formulas that you like.
  • Please read the KB how to use Flat spreadsheet.

2. Creating Graphs

  • Once you have the values you want to plot the graph for, click on Graph option.
  • Once you click the graph button you will see.
    *The below fields will be empty and there will be no graph next to it, we have just shown some values already for example purposes.

    • NOTE: Select the cells for a particular range and then click on “pick” button to automatically pick the cell number.
    • 1. Here you can write the title for your graph, like shown in the image.
    • 2. Here you can select the type of the graph you want.
    • 3. Labels range allows you to select the name of you legends on X-axis.
    • 4. Values range is where you add the values to be represented in your graph.
    • 5. Legend range is where you add the name of your legends. This will only be visible once you  your flat spreadsheet.
    • 6. Here you can either refresh to see the graph or any changes you make in the values. You can click on remove to remove the graph.

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