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Manage your lab equipment and follow their maintenance

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With the LabCollector Equipment module, you can see a list of all the equipment in your lab with service and maintenance records.   

Some setup features described in this post are only available to super-admin and admin level users.  

  • To start, a super-administrator or administrator has to define Equipment categories. Under ADMIN > Preferences > Equipment categories, create the appropriate equipment category.

Name your category in the box to the right of the  and save. You can update existing categories, don’t forget to do Update & Save. Only categories that are not used can be deleted using the bin icon  . If an equipment category is being used, it cannot be removed. When an equipment category is in use, it is indicated with the locked symbol.

  • Under Equipment module, you can list all your equipment. If you already have a list, you can use the import system under ADMIN > Data > Import (for more information, please read the KB-Import your samples & storage). Note that for very short lists it can be more efficient to add equipment one by one rather than using the import feature. 

Denoted by the green bracket are all the default fields to describe your equipment, in addition to Location and Person in Charge fields. The person in Charge is also used for maintenance functions. The default fields may be turned off using the settings in ADMIN > Data > Default Fields if this information is not needed. For more details on adding, removing or modifying fields see this Knowledge Base post.

Denoted by the red bracket, you can find the fields relative to your purchase contract. If the warranty or contract ends, the field changes, automatically, from YES to NO with the date of expiration.

As of version 5.4, the administrators can see an alert for both the expiration of warranties and contracts in the green Alerts tab on the menu bar. As seen below the admin can simply click on the edit button of the General Maintenance contract and change the details directly without having to navigate to the record in the Equipment module. Even when you click on edit and save without actively changing anything the Contract field will automatically switch to No.

In the same module with activated alerts, you can follow the equipment maintenance.

  • First, you have to set up your email under ADMIN > Other > Setup. See the KB-labCollector setup 5.2v. Then, activate the maintenance alert under ADMIN > Preferences > Alerts and select Update Alerts Options.

  • Under, ADMIN > Preferences > Equipment categories, you have to define the maintenance categories and their interval if you want alerts.

  • To activate an alert, in General Maintenance Alert Intervals field in Equipment record, fill an interval in months. Intervals such as 1.5, 0.33 or 0.5 months are allowed.
  • Define who can add calibrations and maintenance. Modification can be performed until the maintenance is closed.

To create an alert, use the button  on the left of the recording equipment and click on Add maintenance or use the general button Add Maintenance on the top right of the module, and complete the form.

Version below 5.25

Version 5.25 and more

1. Select your equipment (Only if you use the general Add maintenance.)
2. Select your maintenance in the list, or create a new one (automatically adds to the maintenance list)
3. Select the date of the maintenance (Dates in the future are prohibited. These must be placed in Event Calendar.)
4. Write a comment, a description or N/A.
5. Write maintenance operator name or initials.
6. To start the reminder, tick the box Activate reminder.
7. When the maintenance log is finished 

More than the possibility to activate reminder, you can also create maintenance to record that the equipment is out of service or unavailable.
Color dots will be applied in the equipment list:
– Yellow for maintenance in alert
– Red for Out of service
– Blue for Unavailable

For version 5.25 and above, you have the possibility to add custom fields to your Maintenance form. Under ADMIN > Data > Custom fields, choose the Equipment module and access to the Maintenance tab at right.

You can create all the custom fields that you need. For more information, please refer to the KB-Custom fields type and KB-create custom field 5.2v.

For version 5.4 and above, you can add maintenance to more than one piece of equipment at a time by using the memorize record function.

1. Click on the Memorize Record button .
2. Add Maintenance brings up a popup window (see below image) which shows the records in memory.

For version 5.3 and above, you can filter your equipment by maintenance records and export this search with the right general icon, or export all the maintenance for one equipment (export button on the right of the maintenance tab).




” For example, today, 13/09/2016, an operator from Olympus came to clean the microscope as he does each month. So, you create a new alert for this microscope choosing the 13/09/2016 as maintenance date then you activate the alert. An alert will be activated for the 13/10/2016 in the tab alert”

During this time (30 days in this example), you can upload the maintenance report of the operator. With this icon , you open a window to upload a document. When the maintenance is closed, you can’t upload a new document, but with the same icon, you can download the report.

” On 14/09/2016, you upload the maintenance report of the Olympus operator.”

Once the operator comes back after the interval, you can close the maintenance with the padlock directly or edit the maintenance and tick the box Close Maintenance record.  If an alert is set for the next maintenance event this will also be triggered for an alert and sent to the Event Calendar.

” On 13/10/2016, the operator from Olympus came back. So, you close the active maintenance (from the maintenance added 13/09/2016) and you create a new one dated of 13/10/2016.” 

For version 5.42 and above, when you create a new maintenance with an alert in the same category of the one running, the alert of the old maintenance will be automatically turned off.