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Recipe Manager (from v5.4 onwards)

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In LabCollector, the Recipe Manager is a tool for managing, executing and tracking production of media, complex reagents, product assemblies, etc. This tool is linked to the Reagents&Supplies records and associated lots. Therefore, this module must be filled in before using the Recipe Manager.

First, admin level users need to create recipes (Part 1).
Then, any LabCollector user can execute a recipe (Part 2).

Part 1: Create and manage a recipe (admin only)

Admin >> Data >> Manage Recipes

1. This drop-down select list is linked to Reagents & Supplies records. You can also type directly the name of the component.
2. When executing a recipe, different options are possible:

A – Create a new record (free choice of the module) +/- a new lot (only in Reagents & Supplies)
B – Create a new lot entry for an existing record (only in Reagents & Supplies)
C – No creation of record/lot
D – User will choose between A, B or C when executing the recipe

Part 2: Execute a recipe (all users except visitor level)

Tools >> Recipes/Production

1. Use the pencil to select a different lot
2. When the FIFO option is active (see in ADMIN >> Preferences >> Reagents & Supplies), an alert message may appear
3. Fill in the details of the Product and Lot.

4.  A complete log with a detailed PDF report for each executed recipe is available