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Manage lab tests in 3 easy steps

This new FREE (LabCollector is required) add-on has been created for small labs that need help to deal with basic tests with efficiency AND simplicity.

Here you have a connection with 3 modules in an efficient way: the Address Book to handle the information of the patient or the requester, the sample module for your sample storage management, and a module for your reports & results.

The setup of Simple Test Lab is reduced to the essential functions:

  1. Select the category for your patient in Address Book module 
  2. Select a custom module to keep patient’s results.

Clinical Test

In your day-to-day uses, you just need to create or choose an existing patient when the test is ordered, and you can create a sample relative to this patient in your module Sample to have a trace of all the samples.

Simple Test Lab

In the same time, fill your result report in your custom module.
At the end of your process, you just have to save and/or print the result form, and mark it as Printed.

Simple Test Lab

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