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Workflow Manager

Orchestrate your data and lab servicing with a graphical flow chart designer. With an intuitive graphical designer, any workflow can be made with automatic steps, free choices of nodes allows you to manipulate single samples or batches of microplates. Instrument and sample sheet exports can also be easily generated. Keep track of workload from a dashboard view. This module allows the management of workflow templates (a catalog of job workflows) to start new jobs. All jobs are automatically stored which allow for monitoring status and advancement. Step validation is possible. Steps are also linked to LabCollector data modules for record storage and edition.

labcollector workflow manager

The Main Benefits of Workflow Manager

  • Design and save your custom workflows templates to start new jobs.

  • Workflows are shareable unless restricted to user groups.

  • All steps are capable of being linked to LabCollector modules for data storage/edition and documents/protocols associations.

  • Workload Dashboard.

  • Gantt view of work progress.
  • Monitoring of work times, assign steps to operators/users.

  • Steps validation and commenting.

  • Multi-language interface.
LabCollector Workflow Manager
Transform complex projects and make them simple to follow for your team!
Workflow template library

Design and save unlimited custom workflow
templates in a reusable catalog
to manage future  jobs.

Workflow catalog management
Monitoring of work times, link documents to any stage, setup some general options as automatic start…
Restrained access
Workflows can be shared or restricted to user groups.
Workflow Dashboard
The dashboard provides information on user’s activities including the number of workflows per user, project or template.
Gantt view of
work progress
The Gantt chart displays information
about nodes with defined calendar

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