LabCollector LIMS for Pharma & Biotech

LabCollector LIMS is a collaborative intranet solution to enhance the Quality Management System of your lab. Built around independent modules, LabCollector is capable of extensive and easy customization to manage any lab activities (research, development, clinic …) in Pharma, Biotech and CRO structures. LabCollector LIMS allows scientists to save time every day by optimizing their organization. Indeed, it keeps track of samples, stocks, and supplies in the lab. Information is managed in a relational database allowing users to identify, store and link lab data.

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LIMS for Pharma & Biotech

LIMS for Pharma & Biotech

LabCollector LIMS gives your lab powerful tools to enhance your Lab organization:

Tools for Life Science activities:

  • Manage all biological resources (cells, sequences, plasmids, primers, antibodies, animals …)

  • Microarrays storage

  • GenBank search engine included

  • BLAST system integrated

  • And many other bioinformatics tools (Plasmid map editor, restrictions maps …)

Tools for data traceability:

  • Unique ID for each data entry (samples, reagents, equipments …)

  • Locate your samples in the lab

  • Integrates samples results (assays, tests …)

  • Follow up samples process

  • Check database entries and modifications using a log user activity

Tools to organize your Lab activities:

  • Customize the database modules, fields and search filters

  • Edit barcode labels to identify quickly information

  • Edit worklists

  • Mass import and update data

  • Edit sample list for tube sorter

  • Manage lab inventory

  • Manage products and lot receptions

  • Manage LabCollector modules in a workflow

LIMS for Pharma & Biotech

LIMS for Pharma & Biotech

Tools for data security:

  • Access to the database is limited to identified users (log and crypted password)

  • Manage data access permission levels (admin, staff, user, visitor)

Key benefits:

  • Speed up your research and optimize your organization

  • Facilitate storage management, inventory and data retrieval

  • Enhance data traceability and improve the quality management system of your R&D activities

Get a complete Information Management System for your Biotech, CRO or Pharma lab activities with specific Add-ons!!


Download and try LabCollector ELN (CFR21Part11 compliant), the Lab Service Manager (LSM), the Protein Tracking System (PTS) … And many more LabCollector LIMS tools.