Analytical Laboratories

Give new life to your laboratory with LabCollector LIMS!


LabCollector has all the tools you need to make your analytical lab a more efficient and organised place to work in.

Service Manager with Client interface

Our Lab Services Manager (LSM) together with LSMremote provide the perfect platform for job submission and management.

  • Group samples into jobs
  • Create batches
  • Assign jobs to staff
  • Track job progress
  • Enter the analytical results and send a report
  • Automatic billing can be configured

Instrumentation management

  • Keep track of all your equipment and the person in charge
  • QC with integrated metrology features
  • Receive email alerts for scheduled maintenance and store related reports
  • Connect instruments via API or our tailor-made software I-Collector

Reagents and Supplies

  • Risk and Safety information – MSDS Links, hazard pictograms, and CAS nomenclature
  • Alerts when stocks are expiring (FIFO option included) or running low
  • Link to Purchase Order management system
  • Disposal management track record

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Simple to deploy and easy to configure, LabCollector is probably the most attractive and user friendly LIMS for analytical laboratories. The solution has been operational in laboratories for more than 15 years.


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