Installation and system configuration

- Installation (Windows/Mac/Linux) - Comodo signature
- Update - Local network
- System requirements - Restrict access
- LabCollector Server Manager manual - Win10
- Apache configuration - JAVA
- Rack scanner installation and connexion with ScanServer

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Apache Server/Web server doesn't run on Windows 10  
  2. Can I install LabCollector on OS X El Capitan?  
  3. Can the database be separated from the system on which labcollector is installed?  
  4. Comodo signature  
  5. Configuration of Micronic Tracxer Software  
  6. Configure your apache server for HTTPS  
  7. ERROR: Warning: mysql_connect(): Client does not support authentication protocol requested by server (…)  
  8. Fields with scroll bar don't work with Safari, what can I do?  
  9. How can I encrypt my disk?  
  10. How do I install Add-on modules?  
  11. How to allow triggering of ScanServer with HTTPS/HTTP protocol by activating browser certificates - v4.1+  
  12. How to configure Apache to work with Office 2007 and higher?  
  13. How to install Ioncube Loader on CentOS, Debian and Ubuntu?  
  14. How to make Java applets work again after upgrading to Java 7U51+?  
  15. How to move a whole installation to a new Windows server?  
  16. How to restore overwritten documents  
  17. How to restrict access to LabCollector to selected IP addresses?  
  18. How to run LabCollector server on a 64bits Windows machine?  
  19. How to speed up your LabCollector? (EN/FR)  
  20. How to use the LabCollector Server Manager?  
  21. I can't manage to view box scheme in Safari, why?  
  22. I get the error: "The program can't start because MSVCR110.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem" when installing or updating LabCollector for Windows  
  23. I have problems installing PHP and/or MySQL. Is there an alternative?  
  24. I have the message "Failed to connect to mySQL server. No Database found for this lab account". What can I do?  
  25. Installing ioncube loader on CentOS  
  26. Issue in upload file: look at your PHP configuration  
  27. LabCollector Server Manager Upgrade (Windows)  
  28. Linux Installation  
  29. MAC Installation  
  30. Module search fails with 404 error or request too long  
  31. My LabCollector or Add-on is very slow. Why and how to fix it?  
  32. Mysql Server memory usage optimization  
  33. PHP extensions needed  
  34. Preventing data loss with hardware failure  
  35. Rack scanners installation and connection with ScanServer  
  36. Speed your local network  
  37. Switching to the ServerManager v2.5 (old way)  
  38. System Requirements - Hosted options (FR/ENG)  
  39. Time stamp in the records showing incorrect time.  
  40. Transfer your LabCollector to a new MAC  
  41. Unknown column “auto_name_mode” in “field list”: The error is occurring when I want to adjust existing records, make new records or import data. What can I do?  
  42. What are PHP and MySQL? Do I need to have PHP & MySQL?  
  43. When I add records or any values I have this message: "incorrect integer value: for column 'count' at row 1"  
  44. When I want to import large files, nothing happens?  
  45. Why do I have the error “MySQL server has gone away” on file upload?  
  46. Windows Installation using setup wizard  

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