Detailed Storage System

2016-02-01_13h20_16Whether you are a Research Lab, Biobank or IVF lab, numerous samples, tubes, reagents, and products have to be stored.

How to find the right thing at the right place quickly? 

LabCollector LIMS storage system meets these requirements and provides an efficient solution.


box list



Track your laboratory storage

  • Unique ID for each sample, plasmid, cell, primer, box …
  • Owner identification for each tubes, straws, box, tray …
  • Aliquots management
  • Track modifications / log activity
  • Inventory management (add or remove tubes, quantity and validity)
  • Add notifications to samples stored in equipment
  • Indicators of equipment capacity

Work faster and better

  • Editor for customized locations, equipment, boxes …
  • Automatic suggestions
  • Automatic vial positioning
  • Barcode identification to locate tubes quickly
  • Box map viewer allows an easy and visual selection of tubes storage places
  • Lab storage tree and box finder to make quick searches
  • Apply custom box templates to create boxes in one click
  • Generate and manage replica from master box automatically
  • Auto-fill option to generate a list of boxes and racks inside an equipment storage
  • Generate needed sample list with storage location
  • LabCollector runs on portable devices allowing users to manage storage system from everywhere


Storage for straws

LabCollector LIMS storage system now also manages straws storage. Easily create nitrogen tanks, canisters and visotubes. You can choose color codes for simple and clear straw storage. To facilitate multiple straw storage at once, there is an option to repeat color in same visotube.

PDA-HoneywellWith the usage of wireless handhed barcode scanners one can access instantly to boxes or tube contents and any kind of barcoded data from anywhere covered by a wi-fi network. We provide high quality and compatible equipment like the Touch PDA.



Animal Storage

LabCollector LIMS allows you to manage animals and their storage. animal_storage All information concerning your animals: sex, age, genotype, genealogy tree, status, etc. can be easily fill in the module Animal. To complete this module, a cages occupation plan is accessible directly from the module and you can manage all the animals from there: remove, change cages, cages can be moved on the same rack or on a different rack, and in a different room. Watch our video!