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Insert the LSMremote application in your website

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LSMremote is an easy web/mobile interface of your Lab Service Manager for your client accessible through your own URL.

To install LSM remote, download the ZIP file from the Client Area. Unzip this folder in the folder of your choice.

Then rename the config_installl.ini in this folder to be config.ini and edit the file.

Note: ensure you that in php.ini, extension=php_soap.dll is enabled (php.ini is found in a path like this for Windows – C:\Program Files (x86)\AgileBio\LabCollector\php\). Remember to restart the LabCollector Server Manager for this change to take effect.

1. Default properties

The only mandatory action is replaced [path] under wsurl by the LSM URL, example:

title = none
logo = none
color = none
wsurl = [path]/ws/service.php?wsdl
autogenerate_job_number = true
autogenerate_sample_name = true
allow_quote = false
hide_job_date = true
hide_expected_date = true
report_html_button = true
report_html_label = _default
report_pdf_button = true
report_pdf_label = _default
report_files_button = true
report_files_label = _default
quote_pdf_button = true
quote_pdf_label = _default
grid_multiple_samples = true
purchase_order_helper_text = free text
jobs_order = DESC
recover_password_mode = none
recover_password_text = free text
allow_register = true
hide_purchase_order = false
hide_submit_link = false
hide_user_name = true
hide_priority = true

2. Customized properties

Default valueDescriptionValid valuesExample
titlenoneOptional title in headerfree texttitle = LSM remote app
logononeOptional image in headerimage URLlogo =
colornoneOptional background colorweb colorcolor = lightblue
autogenerate_job_numbertrueIf true ‘Job number’ is auto generated.
If false, a ‘Job number’ field is added to the form.
true | falseautogenerate_job_number = true
autogenerate_sample_nametrueIf true ‘Sample name’ is auto generated.
If false, a ‘Sample name’ field is added to the form.
true | falseautogenerate_sample_name = true
allow_quotefalseIf true a new Boolean field is added to the form, to allow order just a quote instead of a job.true | falseallow_quote = false
hide_job_datetrueIf false ‘Job date’ is displayed on the form.true | falsehide_job_date= true
hide_expected_datetrueIf false ‘expected date’ is displayed on the form.true | falsehide_expected_date = true
report_html_buttontrueIf false, hide the HTML report button on Job List.true | falsereport_html_button = true
report_html_label_defaultCustomized label for HTML report button._default | free textreport_html_label = View report
report_pdf_buttontrueIf false, hide the PDF report button on Job List.true | falsereport_pdf_button = true
report_pdf_label_defaultCustomized label for PDF report button._default | free textreport_pdf_label = PDF report
report_files_buttontrueIf false, hide the Files button on Job List.true | falsereport_files_button = true
report_files_label_defaultCustomized label for Files button._default | free textreport_files_label = Additional files
quote_pdf_buttontrueIf true, a visible button allows to see quotes on job listtrue | falsequote_pdf_button = true
quote_pdf_label_defaultCustomized label of Quote button_default | free textquote_pdf_label = QUOTE
grid_multiple_samplesfalseonly one sample per job is supported, if true multiple samples per job are supportedtrue | falsegrid_multiple_samples = false
purchase_order_helper_texttextCustomize the helper text for purchase order fieldfree textpurchase_order_helper_text = If you pay by PO, please enter the number here
jobs_orderDESCIf DESC, job list is filtered by ID descendantDESC | ASCjobs_order = DESC
recover_password_modenoneAdd option to recover forgotten passwordmail | text | nonerecover_password_mode = mail
recover_password_textfree textText displayed if recover password mode is textfree textrecover_password_text = Contact the administrator to get a new password
allow_registertrueIf true, this allows a new user to register their account.
If false, this facility will be blocked.
true | falseallow_register = true
hide_purchase_orderfalseIf true, the user can submit a purchase order number with their order.true | falsehide_purchase_order = false
hide_submit_linkfalseIf true, users can only view results and cannot submit jobs.true | falsehide_submit_link = false
hide_user_nametrueIf false, if a user adds a test to an existing job (via the Workflow Manager for example) then the user’s name will appear under the Requester name.true | falsehide_user_name = true
hide_prioritytrueif false, the prority field (low, normal, rush) is displayed on the form.true | falsehide_priority = true


  • This application has is own authentication mode. Just give to your client or collaborators their user name and password
  • On this interface, they can submit an order just by filling a form that you created under your LSM
  • See the status of their job
  • and they can get their results in HTML or PDF format.

To insert the LSMremote application in a WordPress page, copy this code in the HTML content:

<script type="text/javascript" src="[path]js/iframeResizer.min.js"></script>
<iframe src="[path]" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" width="100%" onload="javascript:iFrameResize({heightCalculationMethod:'lowestElement'});"></iframe>

Replace [path] by the app URL, example: