Lab Configurationconfiguration

Lab configuration is our speciality! Move your lab to LabCollector! To make LabCollector just like your lab, we can personalize all your LabCollector environment.We can create all needed fields and define your storage, groups and users. Absolutely no informatics skills are required and LabCollector LIMS can be used immediately without complex configurations or long learning phases. However, if you want a turn-key delivery, our consultant team directly in contact with your project team will organize your modules following your preferences (fields creation, default value…) and storage to fit your lab. We will also help you find an ideal organization for your team’s access to LabCollector (permissions, specific group, LDAP/AD login…). Specific configurations are offered with the Lab Service Manager and Workflows add-ons.    

Data import

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By reading our solution, you are already saving precious time!
To accelerate the implementation of your lab data management and to save your time, the LabCollector team offers to import all your data from excel files or previous databases. This can include samples, strain & cells, reagents, animals or a list of storage boxes.



Training sessionsimage site 3-2

Start well, start trained! Be an expert of your LabCollector!

Our training team offers you multiple choices following your needs and your time, whether you are a Lab manager, day-to-day user or potential customer. Our training team has real laboratory experience, making it easy for us to understand all of your questions and concerns about LabCollector. We can offer training sessions with real case/examples or data you provide.

–  Online Demo – Free 30 day trial for your own training

– Custom e-training with our consultant

– Custom training in your lab with our consultant

– We offer a searchable knowledge base and forum for your day-to-day work to rapidly find specific information.    

Server migration

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Birds always need to migrate!
Like birds, your LabCollector may want to migrate.
Our development team can help you transfer your LabCollector LIMS to a new server, or to an online hosting solution with AgileBio providing rapidity, simplicity and updates.  We can also transfer your LabCollector to a dedicated server hosting to virtual appliances…