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PhotoBank gives you a way to store and organize all media files that you generate on your projects like microscopy, electrophoresis, animals, etc. You can create unlimited galleries, into unlimited categories, upload several photos or movies in a click, comenting, etc..

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*Tree view with categories and albums

Integrated management tools:

  • Create and edit categories, albums and media files

  • Import function

  • Search engine

  • Add comments

  • Access to photo‘s metadata

  • ZIP export

  • Link medias to LabCollector data

  • JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, MP4,MOV,M4V, FLV and other

  • formats supported.

photouploader Photo Uploader Utility

A Photo Uploader utility for Windows is also available to speed-up charging files to the PhotoBank directly from image source computers without the need to use a browser.

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