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Label network printers and roll types

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LabCollector is capable to print barcode labels easily (see chapter 7-7-3 from general manual). On this page, you can define printers with EPL and JSCRIPT language like Zebra, Brady or CAB and label roll types.
To connect a Zebra/Brady printer only working with USB, please follow the KB-connecting printer USB.

Setting up the printer

To set up the printer, go to “Home page” —> “Admin” –> “Printers and labels”–>Network label Printers (below Image)

Setting the label size

To set up the label size, go to “Home page” —> “Admin”–> “Printers and labels”–>Label roll types (below Image)

To add a label roll type, you have to fill the form with the required information: roll name and label size (use the size format indicated). If you want to define this roll type as a default you need to check the default box.
You can indicate that a label roll has 2 columns with the W2 parameter (width 2). Positive size will be considered as a left position and negative a right position. W2 size will add to W width of main label.

Size format: W:nn/H:nn/LM:nn/G:nn

W: label Width,
H: Label Height,
LM: Left Margin,
G: vertical Gap [optional:
W2: second label/column from left (+) or right (-) border]
Units: mm (no pixels, no inches). Always round to lower