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ELN templates are a great way of speeding up and streamlining the layout and format of your experiment pages. There is already a default template but let’s go through some of the steps for setting up a customised one.

Create custom fields

To customize ELN pages and ELN pages templates, users can create custom fields.
Go to Admin> Template > Manage custom fields.
To add a field, choose a name and define the field type: text, checkbox, select list, date, link or a grid.
The maximum length of a text field is flexible depending on the required information.

It is possible to define a custom field as mandatory. This function ensures that the required information must be completed. To help your colleagues to understand the data requirements, use the help text section.

For select list and checkbox types, edit the values with the icon .
The grid field type allows the creation of a two-column table that you can fill with values of your choice.

Page template

In this page, you can find your template library. Here, you have the list of all templates that you can view and use as well as a search bar.

To create a new template, click on the Add Template button. On the existing templates you can view/edit by clicking on the eye and pencil buttons or duplicate by clicking the button that looks like two sheets of paper (Duplicate button in versions older than v3.668). You can also archive any of the templates that you have created by clicking on the folder symbol.

The first template in the list is the default template, by default it is a blank template with the page options enabled, you can change this by editing this template.
On the same page, you also have the versioning information for each template.

Organise your templates by creating categories.

Click on the Add Template button and give your template a name (1), category (2) and a description (3) if needed. You can use the text editor to prefill your page (4).

Then, select in the template options (5) section what you want to use in this template:
– SpreadSheet Data (Java or Zoho)
– Diagram Designer
– LabCollector Data
– Associated Files
– Flat spreadsheet.
For the spreadsheets, you can also select a template already linked to this page template.

The Custom fields (6) you created earlier can be inserted here.
In the last section, you can configure access to this template (7). By default, templates are shared with all ELN users, if you want to apply another rule, untick this option and choose another, i.e. sharing with only your group and/or another or just some users.

Then, don’t forget to Submit (8) to validate your template. You can edit a template as needed.

These templates will be accessible when you create a new page in your book or when they are part of a workflow.