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Why should I use workflows in my ELN?

A workflow is a sequence of connected steps that can be used in a work organization or a process.
Workflows are useful for routine experiments, helping to standardize the writing of experiment reports to increase the quality of lab activities. In the ELN a workflow is related to the Experiment level. 

How do I set up a workflow?

From the ADMIN menu, users (depending on their permission level) can add/edit workflow by combining several pages (blank pages and/or templates) that will be applied in an experiment.

Before editing a workflow, you need to define page templates if needed (see KB-ELN Templates).

To create a workflow, click on Add Workflow on the top right.

1. Give it a name
2.Instructions for user or description, if you want.
3. Here you can list tasks corresponding to the process. Name the task, add a comment if needed, then click on Add item.
4. Choose the number of pages/steps describing your workflow and validate it. If you want to associate a template to a page, choose from the dropdown. Default Template gives a “blank” page. For each page, you can request admin validation. If you check YES, the user can’t create the next page until an administrator validates the page.
5. Workflows can request general admin validation. If you check YES, the user can’t close a page. Only another administrator can validate the page