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How to create a Book, add an Experiment and a Page?

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Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) allows you to create Books and add experiments and pages to the books.
For example, if you are a researcher working on multiple projects, you can add books according to each project.
Thus in each Book, you will have respective experiments and pages related to the individual projects.

Creating a Book

Go to the ELN add-on in LabCollector and click on create a “New Book/Project”.

You will get a pop -up like below.

  1. Type the name of the book as required.
  2. Page tags will help you find your book easily when there are multiple books.
  3. Project code is used if you have several projects going on in your lab. 
    To define the project codes you have to go to LabCollector–>Tools–>Manage Project codes. (check our ELN Manual page for more info on Project codes)
    Click on create.
  4. You can even allot a color for the book if you require it.

Once you click on submit your book will be present in the index section of ELN on the left-hand side and the contents of your book will be seen on the right-hand side.
Click to check our KB on what’s inside the book.

Adding an Experiment

To add an experiment inside the book, click on the book you want to add an experiment in the index.


You will see a pop-up like below.


  1. Add the experiment name as needed. You can create as many experiments as you want and add pages to them.
  2. Choose the required Workflow. (Check our KB on what is a workflow and how to create a workflow)
  3. Page tags help you find your pages easily during performing a search.

Once you click on submit your experiments will be seen under your book in which you made them.

  • In the above image, we have created several experiments that could be needed for a particular project.
  • The top part of your ELN will also show you the index.
  • You can add the content by clicking on edit-marked by the orange arrow.

Check out our KB to see what’s inside the experiment page.

Adding a Page

To add page inside an experiment, click on the book and the respective experiment that you want to add a page for.

You will get a pop-up like below.

  1. You can add a new template to the page. You can assign a template to experimental protocols that are performed commonly by everyone in the lab. (Check our KB on how to add template in ELN)
  2. You can add the page name as required. We have added for example the experiment number and the page name. EXP 1.1 Paxillin.
  3. You can assign the page icon as you like.
  4. Page tags to help you find your page easily while performing the research.

Once you click on submit you will see your page under the Book and experiment you made the page in.

You can see the page name on the left-hand side of the index. The pages can be added as required.

On the right-hand side, you can see the page. You can add the content as required. We have added the protocol steps required for Immunofluorescence staining.
You can edit the contents of the page by clicking on the edit. (Check our KB on what options are provided by Rich text editor)

Check our KB to see different options inside the page.